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Which is the right and the left shoe? Problem solved

Which is the right and the left shoe? Problem solved

Suddenly the question came up. Which is the right and which is the left shoe? How do the shoes belong together? Our little boy is running like the wind, but putting on his shoes is still a problem for him. Both shoes look the same. Why should he be worried if he is wearing the right shoe on his left leg and the left shoe on his right leg? :-). We needed some easy and practical help how to distinguish the “right” and “left”. And we found it at Mama Labels, the stick-on labels for shoes! In addition, they can be personalised with a name of your child, which I find ideal for nursery or preschool.


Mama Labels offers several types of stick-on labels on their websites, including several types of colours and pictures. Stick-on labels for shoes solve in a very amusing way the problem “which is the right and which is the left shoe” by using pictures divided into two parts. You can visualise this on our example of the crocodile. Mark quickly understood how the crocodile belongs together.

shoe labels

The application of the sticker is very easy and quick. Carefully peel the label off the sheet and apply label to an appropriate place on the shoe. Now, the training with the shoes can start! :-)

shoe labels

shoe labels

I can just recommend it! Children love games, so why do not teach them how to put on the shoes correctly with stickers for shoes!


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