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About us

Mama Labels - a place where your things get a name

Many times happened that our kids brought from kindergarten a piece of clothing or a toy of another kid. Not to mention the school excursions and longer trips. At the time when we decided to found Mama Labels, we would not dream of our small shop growing so fast and spreading all over the world. Thank you a lot for all your support! Mama Labels is a brand that arose out of our own need. We are parents that love design. Moreover, we love design associated with functionality! Our name labels are therefore waterproof and dishwasher and laundry safe. Of course, they are printed on environmentally friendly materials.

Who are Mama Labels?

We are two mothers - Kate and Elisabeth. We both have got the feel for how hard is it to keep your life organised with small children. Not to mention the household maintenance. Kate is a creative soul and always comes with ideas or enhancements. Elisabeth is not afraid to bring the new ideas to life. Mama Labels presents for us a maximum self-fulfillment and the possibility to do what we really do like to do. Even more enjoyable is for us to see how our labels make your day-to-day live more pleasant. Please share with us, how Mama Labels did help you personally.

Our Mission At Mama Labels, we know how difficult it is to care about your lovely kids. We do our best to make your life at least a little bit simpler and more organized.

Why choose us?

Our mission is to make the life simpler to all parents - similarly, like Mama Labels made our lives simpler to us. Our priority number one is to achieve a maximum level of satisfaction by better organisation. Therefore, we create our labels with highest possible standard of care. Our professional designer oversees the design of the labels. We print our labels daily on a professional printer using high-quality materials ensuring a long durability of our labels. Our reliable customer service is there to give you a great experience. Every day we pack and deliver with love our creations to your homes. We hope that you and your kids will have a lot of fun with our labels. No more chaos!